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What you need to know for your appointment with EAB!

When you book an appointment with us we are always excited to see you and eager to help you find something perfect for your special occasion. Our focus is you.

An advanced booking over walk in traffic is so beneficial to you. Why you ask?

You will have an associate assigned to you for your appointment. This associate will be aware of your details from your application and they will work feverishly on finding exactly what it is you are looking for, to the best of their ability.

We allow one hour for your appointment and up to to 8 dresses. We do this to ensure you do not feel overwhelmed and to keep us within the timeline.

You are welcome to invite up to 4 guests to your appointment. We are a small boutique and do not really have room for more guests than that. This also ensures that you are not confused by too many opinions. We recommend inviting mom, dad and a few bridesmaids.

It is recommended that you wear nude undergarments so the focus is on the dress. Also a strapless bra is a great idea. We also suggest bringing along some shoes, even if they are not the shoes, but they are the height you are planning on wearing. If you do not have any at the time of your appointment that's ok we have a good selection.

We ask that you refrain from wearing make up (foundation & lipstick) or scent. This helps up keep our inventory in tip tip shape as we sell off the rack.

Feel free to attend your scheduled appointment unless you or any of your guests are not feeling 100%.

We do offer a layaway payment plan. This involves a deposit and six months to pay the balance.

This works well with the price point in our boutique. Formal dresses range from $100-$400. Wedding gowns range from $700-$3000. Our sizes range from 0 to 30. We carry BRAND NEW & Pre-Loved stock.

You are more than welcome to take your purchase home with you following your appointment if it's paid in full. We do have a list of local seamstresses should your dress/gown require alterations.

As we are a small boutique, with a huge inventory, we can only host two appointments at one time. This ensures we stay focused on you and that it ensures you do not feel pressured by other shoppers. We are also happy to have you a for second appointment if more time is needed or more selection needs to be explored. Based on our experience an hour plenty of time and if you just need a minute we have plenty of coffee shops nearby.

If you have more questions about our process we'd love to chat it out! Call 613 857 4922.

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