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Blog 2023 ~ New & Pre-Loved

90 % of our inventory is NEW

Can you tell which one of these might be second hand?

Well SURPRISE they are all new and they are all consignment.

We offer consignment services for wedding dresses, prom/grad, mother of the bride/groom, galas and special event wear. Happy to accept new & pre-loved inventory. We also accept shoes, jewellery, veils and accessories. Click the link to apply online without a commitment or visit to the boutique. We happily accept current items from the past 3-4 years. Our experience has shown us that there are many people who make a purchase and they do not wear the item. There are many reasons for this to occur, the main thing is that you can shop with us off the rack for amazingly affordable dresses and more!

* Where does our inventory come from? It is a mix of private contracts, shops that have closed their doors and end of season sample dresses. * What sizes do we carry? We offer sizes 0-30. * What is our price range? Bridal range from $700 to $2500 & Event Wear ranges from $100 to $500. * Where can you see our inventory? * Are walk in's welcome? YES however, appointments take priority ~ Book online

Tuesday 1-5 Wednesday - Friday 10-5 Saturday 9-5 Sunday 11-4


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